Discover Your Pathway to Wellness

Spring, Summer & Fall 2024

3-Day All Inclusive Yoga, Health & Wellness Retreats

Learn simple and powerful techniques and practices to incoporate into your life.
Learn to breathe, move and meditate.
Design your daily unique self-care wellness routine.
Yoga for everyone 

Retreat Dates

April 30 - May 3, 2024
July 16 - July 19, 2024
November 5 - November 8, 2024

You may also book your own group wellness retreat -- Contact us directly!

Meet your Instructors

Join Claire Diab, international health and wellness expert and world renowned yoga instructor and Shawn Cassidy, The Lodges at Gettysburg Founder and wellness advocate for this enjoyable and transformational journey!

Shawn Cassidy

"Shawn is a lifetime learner, health & and wellness advocate, author and entrepreneur.   Shawn is passionately committed to helping individuals reach their highest human potential. Shawn inspires individuals to discover their pathway to wellness and truly live their best lives. This is achieved by embracing & adopting a wellness journey committed to a daily disciplined and balanced mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual plan and lifestyle.   For 30 years, Shawn has taught and trained on emotional intelligence, resiliency, mindfulness, and building meaningful & trusted "H2G" relationships.  Shawn also teaches trusted leader and team behaviors that are essential to attract, inspire, and retain the best team members in one's personal and professional environment.  

Shawn is Founder and CEO of The Global Wellness Retreat, The Lodges at Gettysburg, and the Leadership & Freedom Center."


Claire Diab

Claire Diab is an international  health & wellness expert, renowned yoga therapist, author, educator and teacher trainer.    Claire traveled the world for 25 years with Dr. Deepak Chopra teaching yoga , mindfulness meditation and Ayurveda helping people to discover and develop their pathway to Wellness.     Claire founded The American Yoga Academy  and is the Lead Educator. She is a Professor of Asian Studies at Seton Hall University for 25 years teaching one of the most popular courses on campus ; Zen & Yoga -The Art of Living.   Claire was the Lead  Educator  & Co-Creator of The Deepak Chopra Yoga Program and was an Advisory Board Member at the  Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad California.   Her teaching style is engaging, fun and informative . She is known for creating  a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Health and wellness is an education for everyone to enjoy. 

Claire is the Director of The Global Wellness Retreats.


Robert Diab

Robert is 95 years-young and is a health and wellness expert and certified Yoga Instructor.   He has been practicing yoga daily for 26 years.   Robert specializes in teaching "Chair Yoga" and sharing his Words of Wisdom, 7 Secrets to Happiness, Longevity and Well-Being.  Robert was a barrister in London, England and was a law professor for 50 years at Seton Hall Law & Rutgers Law School.  


"Claire & Shawn are amazing presentors.   The workshop was fun and informative.   I have tools to incorporate into my daily life now to nourish my mind, body and soul.  THANK YOU!" - Lisa L

"I learned so much.   Shawn and Claire made it fun and entertaining.   Everyone connected - It was so nice to spend time with like minded people while learning about yoga, health and wellness." - Allen B.

"The Wellness Workshop was extraordinary - particularly learning about the neuroscience of stress and how to manage the "good and bad" stress through breathing techniques." - Luis G.

Nourish your Mind, Body & Soul

"Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health"

Introducing the 7 Elements of Wellness:
Emotional, Intellecutual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Occupational & Environmental

Morning and Evening Yoga (All levels of skill)
Mastering Breathing Techniques
Chair Yoga for Workplace & Home
Group Tours & Activities

Building Trusted Relationships
Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation Techiques
Learning Emotional Intelligence
Connect & Spend Time in Nature

Self-Care Wellness Routine
Nutritious Superfood Gourmet Meals
Restful Sleep - Good Habits
Bonfires, Smores & More

Our all-inclusive Wellness Retreats Include

Overnight Accommodations 
Nutritious Gourmet Meals 
Instruction and Class Materials

Optional Activities: 
Appalachian Trail Hike
Caledonia Mindfulness walk
Historic Gettysburg Tour 

$2800 per person

Email Denise Schultz or call (717) 642-2500 to Learn More or Register
Registration Deadlines:   One month prior to class date.